Bathroom Remodel Project

Bathroom remodels can be challenging due to the general size. However the advantage is that smaller spaces can be less expensive while having a high positive impact to resale as well as getting that space to relax at the end of the day.

In this project, we used lighter colors with contrasting wainscoting. The drywall is smooth with no texture and cool tile floors.

Simple. Comfortable. Inviting.

Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Project

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the highlight of the home. The gathering space at "get-togethers," and the center of family discussions. They are also the make/brake of a sale of a home. Factors to consider are build materials, style, color, and options.

This kitchen was very large and very involved. We replaced two windows, large 4-cabinet island, tile floor, refrigerator cabinet, Pot filler, granite counter tops, and triple stacked crown molding.

Deck Project

Outside living has been making a comeback. Many Oregon properties are on some degree of uneven ground and a Deck is the perfect solution for this. There are two story options too, that offer a cover over the lower patio that will help you be outside even in rainy weather.

This project was simple, inexpensive, and effective. The homeowner already had the deck that was built well, but showing age. We simply replace needed deck boards, sanded some areas, pressure washed the entire deck, and fresh paint.

New Deck

New Porch

Add a Deck and Porch

Build a deck first

Adding the Porch Roof

Home Improvement
Finished Porch

Project Complete

Small project with a big reward
Remodel Deck

Replace Old Deck

Make Deck Larger
Remodel Deck

Deck Completed

Enlarged Deck

TESTIMONY 5 Star Rating
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rogers Home Restoration! RHR is currently working for me and I'm completely satisfied. The crew is conscientious, courteous and asks questions so the result is exactly what you want and expect. They go above and beyond what any other contractor has provided to date. Do give them a call, you won't be disappointed."
HJ H. - Sutherlin Oregon