Deck Builders

Installation of a deck is more difficult than a patio. Supporting structures for the deck need to be cemented into deep holes drilled into the ground, and additional considerations need to be made for properly attaching the deck to your home. A deck can be built on land that isn't level, making this an excellent choice for uneven yards or sloping landscapes. In some cases, waterproofing materials may be necessary to ensure the foundation of your home isn't compromised.

Patios are easier to install but require extensive preparation of the ground surface where they'll be laid. They are best installed in areas that are relatively flat and even as the patio is installed directly on the ground. Often this area will need reinforcement with rebar 2 if using poured concrete, and the ground underneath must be compacted.

Begore and After deck building

Garage or Basement Conversions

Garage Conversion

Converting your garage to an extra room is often a big project that requires a lot of modification. You might need to raise the floor, fit in a proper cooling or heating system, insulate the walls, sheetrock the walls, add new electrical, lighting or doors, apply a fresh coat of paint, and more.

As you would expect, these modifications may cost you quite a lot. But if done right, it is worth it. So, if you are hoping to convert your garage into a room, you are in the right place.

closet organization Remodel/Conversions

Closet Conversion

Custom closets systems can range from a simple place to store your clothing, to a walk in closet the size of a regular bedroom with shoe racks, shelving, perfectly placed lighting that displays your wardrobe and colors like a high-end department store.

In this case, we developed a design that is simple, more traditional, but with proper lighting and customized layout to accommodate the needs of the homeowner. The all white interior is a timeless look and will also help reflect light creating less shadows.

Home Maintenance - Repairs Program

Roger's Home Restorations offers the complete solution for all of your residential property maintenance, repair, and management needs. Our team of experts knows how to take care of every area of your home from the roof to the basement, inside and out. RHR visits your home once a quarter and completes every task needed to make your home efficient, —making you the perfect home owner. RHR Home Team will take off your plate the maintenance of your home.

Checking your HVAC system needs filters replaced or ducts cleaned, Smoke alarms tested, batteries replaced or the unit replaced, appliances working properly, plumbing working properly, check your water heater, any electrical issues, roof repairs or gutters serviced and cleaned.

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TESTIMONY 5 Star Rating
"Was very pleased with Roger Restoration's attitude and work ethic. They put a deck on the back of my house and it is a very nice compliment to my home. Felt safe with them on my property and this is of prime importance when getting work done on your home. Would hire them again in a minute. They seemed focused on if I liked what was being done and I most certainly did. Thank you again for nice work."
Colleen Rayburn - Roseburg