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Renovations & Remodels

CCB# 225009

About Us

Who we are

Born and raised in the Roseburg area. This is our home, and we're doing what we love where we love to live. 

Our mission is to bring a smile to the face of every customer we are fortunate enough to work for.

what we do

From bathroom renovations to converted garages, to complete kitchen remodels. 

If needed we go to the studs to start with a fresh canvas. We have the experience, creative design and passion to make your ideas reality and you the envy of your neighborhood. 

Call us for your home improvement projects and home restoration in Roseburg and surrounding areas. 

We are a licensed contractor.

Our Core Values

  •  Quality
  •  Customer Service
  • On-Time Delivery

These qualities are not just something we think you want to hear. It is where other companies fail to deliver. 

We know from first hand experience how frustrating it can be to deal with bad Contractors. 

Let us show you what real customer service is and should be.

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